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We Care's Core is its Volunteers

Physician Volunteers & Healthcare Providers

We Care’s core is its volunteers. While donations to our medical equipment charity help us further our mission, we rely on volunteers to advance our cause. We utilize volunteers in many capacities; however, volunteer physicians and other health care providers who serve uninsured, low-income patients are the heart of our network.

We Care of Lake County is dedicated to improving access to quality healthcare for uninsured, low-income patients. We Care works with primary care charity clinics to identify people in need of diagnostic testing services and specialty medical healthcare. We turn to our network of volunteer physicians and hospital networks to find donated care.

All of our volunteer doctors and physicians are covered under Sovereign Immunity contracts provided through the State of Florida Department of Health. We greatly appreciate our volunteer physician’s dedication, time and talents to help the many clients we serve. Volunteer physicians of all specialties are needed and valued.

We would like to thank our Volunteer Physicians and Medical Partners for their assistance in providing services and supplies to our clients!

How to Become a Physician Volunteer

Looking to take part in our physician volunteer opportunities? To get started, fill out and submit our Volunteer Health Care Provider Program form. We do all of the paperwork to credential you and your practice, and to provide information about Sovereign Immunity.


Will You Help Just One Patient A Year?


  • As a Volunteer Specialist with We Care of Lake County you decide how many patients you want to see in a month, a quarter or a year.

  • You also decide what type of services you are willing to provide.

  • You see the patient, treat the patient and then release the patient back to their clinic.


  • As a volunteer physician with We Care of Lake county, the State of Florida will provide you with Sovereign Immunity.

  • As a We Care Volunteer Specialist, you are welcome to send your indigent patients through We Care, so you are protected by Sovereign Immunity.

  • You can also receive continuing education credits for your services.

  • Should you volunteer 80 hours or more, the state will also pay for your medical license.

  • Most of all, you will be helping one of the 62,000 residents of Lake County without healthcare, live a better life.

Speak with us today to submit your credentials and join us to make a difference in the lives of others.

Contact Us today to learn more.



Community Volunteers

Help support our mission when you register with us at We Care of Lake County. We welcome community volunteers in Lake County, FL. If interested, please download and fill out our volunteer form below. You can reach out to us any time to learn about our office and fundraising volunteer opportunities today.

Join the We Share team of Volunteers!

Contact us in Lake County, Florida, to register to volunteer with our organization. We welcome volunteers throughout the area.

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